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Merryland Park - Plastic Toys

“Merryland Park” imports and distributes throughout the Greek market products of the largest toy and entertainment producers in the world. Indicative “Incite Group”, “Step2”, Holger Aukam”, “Kindermax”, “Games & Sports”, “Automatic Toys Modena” are some of the companies we cooperate with.

We are the exclusive distributors of Step2 plastic toys in the Greek market.

The company activities include the construction and operation of entertainment parks ( “Merryland Park” in Agria – Volos ) as well as the design and setting-up of public and private entertainment areas. These include indoor and outdoor playgrounds, pre-school centers, hotels, campsites and country houses to name a few.

The design and construction of all entertainment facilities are based on European Union Legislation according to EN-1176 and EN-1177 directives, referring to playground equipment use in public areas.

“Merryland Park” makes sure that all the imported and distributed products in the Greek market are accompanied by certification of International bodies such as TUV, Centre for Sports Technology, Hellenic Organization for Standardization to name a few.

It should be noted that all the equipment used at “Merryland Entertainment Park” are supplied by our company. It is also worth noting that “Merryland Entertainment Park” is the only open – air entertainment park in Greece which is certified by the Hellenic Organization for Standardization, upon thorough inspection of its safety operations ( EN-1176 and EN-1177 ).

The company imports and distributes in the Greek market the following:

The company also successfully operates a rental section, organizes events and promotes important multinational companies.

Based on the large range of products sold in the most competitive prices as well as its cooperation with internationally renowned companies safeguarding products and services highest quality, “Merryland Park” is deemed as an emerging force in the field of amusement.

Companies that closely cooperate with “Merryland Park” include “Coca - Cola Greece”, “Procter and Gamble”, Giochi Preziosi Hellas”, “ION”, “Wrigley”, “Lafarge” to name a few.

Merryland Park

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